Why ESMR Treatment Is Called Non-Invasive Or Non- Surgical Bypass Treatment?

Why ESMR Treatment Is Called Non-Invasive Or Non- Surgical Bypass Treatment?


ESMR stands for Extracorporeal Shockwave Myocardial Revascularization. ESMR can also be termed Non-invasive Cardiac 

ESMR therapy non-surgically develops new natural blood vessels that develop the oxygenated blood supply to the affected portion of the heart. For this purpose, it is called a Non-Invasive or Non- surgical Bypass procedure.


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 Chronic chest pain ( Refractory Angina) even after Bypass surgery or Angioplasty.

 Having 70 % -100 % blockages in angiogram

 Reblocks after Bypass surgery or Angioplasty

 Chronic Renal disease with heart attack problem

 High-risk cases medically unfit for Bypass surgery

 Patients coronary anatomy not readily amenable for Bypass surgery

 Inability to perform angioplasty because the target lesion is inaccessible

 Patients not willing for surgical procedures.


ESMR Treatment

The procedure is implemented using a shock wave generator that is designed to address the uncommon

Chest cavity clinical-anatomical requirements A cardiac ultrasound imaging device is used to pinpoint the treatment area and chart the precise location and extent of the ischemic region. Under E.C.G. R-wave gating, shock waves are then transmitted to the treatment area through the anatomical acoustic window. To achieve the best results, several therapy sessions are needed.

The mechanical pressure and strain that the acoustic wave exerts on the cardiac tissue is due to the therapeutic effect of shock waves. Low-intensity delivery The vessel wall is subjected to extreme stress as a result of shock waves. This causes angiogenesis-related growth factors (eNOS, VEGF, and PCNA) to be activated, thus initiating the angiogenesis process.

Clinical benefits of ESMR

  • The patient can now walk for longer distances without experiencing chest pain.
  • The patient will have less or no angina attacks.
  • Angina attacks will be less painful.
  • The need for anti-anginal drugs in patients may be decreased.
  • The patient will return to work and resume their active lifestyle
  • A patient would be more energetic and confident.

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