Preventive Cardiologist

What is Preventive Cardiologist?

The experienced Preventive Cardiology team at UT Southwestern Medical Center delivers individualized, research-based care aimed at lowering people’s risk for cardiovascular disease and its complications.

Uniting traditional approaches and new, research-based strategies, our expert preventive cardiologists work to identify and mitigate risk factors for heart disease.

Personalized Care to Reduce Heart Disease Risk

Preventive cardiology is a subspecialty focused on lowering patients’ risk for developing heart disease and having a first heart attack or stroke while also preventing further issues in people who already have cardiovascular disease.

Cardiologist & Heart Specialist in Baner

A unique resource in the region, UT Southwestern’s multidisciplinary Preventive Cardiology Program offers specialized expertise and a comprehensive range of services proven to reduce the risk for cardiovascular disease and related complications.

Comprising experienced doctors, nurses, a nutritionist, and an exercise physiologist, our team is a recognized leader in preventing heart disease in both straightforward and highly complex cases, such as in young patients who have suffered a heart attack.

Multidisciplinary Risk Intervention

Our multidisciplinary team members work together to develop personalized medical plans aimed at addressing each of our patients’ unique cardiovascular risk factors.

To help patients reduce their risks and achieve heart-healthy lifestyles, our preventive cardiology experts work closely with them to provide counseling, support, and regular monitoring.

When necessary, our doctors prescribe medications to mitigate heart disease risk factors.